Tech Giants Who Made It Big With Outsourcing

Many companies around the Globe are opting to outsource software development fully or partially to external parties. With more numbers coming out to prove clearly and loudly how outsourcing can be the secret formula in great successes, more and more tech companies are joining the outsourcing crowd, and the percentage of demand on outsourcing services is getting higher with each year passing.

Let’s go through some of the big names for which outsourcing proved to be the perfect solution at times of crisis and humble beginnings:


1- Whatsapp

Years preceding its acquisition by Facebook in 2014, Whatsapp opted to IT outsourcing heavily, especially at the beginning when capital was scarce. Outsourcing seemed to be the best and most cost effective solution … several years forward … It actually was! Now, when you think of Whatsapp, you can’t help but notice how this tech company grew tremendously to become one of the most successful messaging apps of all times, and it all started with outsourcing!

Moral of the story? Outsourcing can help you out when budget is limited, but effort and talent are not.


2- Google

Yes, you heard us right! Google and outsourcing are best buddies, and have been for a while! At some point in time several years ago, Google made a choice to make use of outsourcing.

At the beginning, the tech giant outsourced customer care and email support to almost a 1000 adwords representatives in remote call centers all over the globe, and the story of Google and outsourcing doesn’t stop there, in the year 2014 Google also started outsourcing software development, partnering with a Latin software company, launching several successful projects ever since!

Moral of the story? Even Giants outsource, and starting small doesn’t necessarily mean lack of options, outsourcing would fit within your budget at any stage of your business development.


3- Slack

Whether you hate its morning notifications or you just adore it, Slack is another success story on outsourcing done right!

Open slack now, take a look at the logo, the design, the full website and how it works and flows smoothly. Okay, all of what you have just browsed is another company’s work, slack team outsourced the logo design and mobile and desktop app development to an external party, saving money and time and effort, and what a decision it was!


Moral of the story? Outsourcing can get you a great design and a great software that disrupts markets around the Globe, talk about innovation and creativity at its best.

4- Others?

There are many names that relied on outsourcing in critical stages of the business, and some still are relying on outsourcing, such as:

  • Alibaba
  • Skype
  • Github
  • AT&T
  • Basecamp

So the next time someone tells you that outsourcing is bad for your business, tell them to think again, it has been done before by giants, and well, things seem to be going pretty okay for them!

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