Outsourcing In Palestine_ A Huge Talent Pool & A Growing Demand

The tech sector in Palestine has witnessed a huge and rapid change in the last 10-20 years, maybe the results are not completely satisfying yet, but the good news is that things are improving. The improvement and the change came naturally as the fruit of sincere efforts made by individual entrepreneurs, investors, and tech companies who opened the door for outsourcing in Palestine.

At the beginning, IT outsourcing found the way to the Palestinian market through small-medium sized companies, years forward, the existing companies grew bigger and new companies came to existence, all working combined towards addressing the growing demand on IT outsourcing in Palestine, paving the way to create hundreds of new opportunities to more than 2500 Palestinian IT graduates per year.

1- Why Outsourcing Software Development To Palestine?

Before getting to answer the “why”, there is a quick “Who”, who is outsourcing to Palestine? Well, the outsourced IT projects in Palestine assigned to Palestinian tech companies not only include local clients, but they also include international tech giants, such as: Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Intel.

Some of the clients come in once and leave, but – generally speaking- that is the exception to the case, as many clients tend to outsource in Palestine time and time again, due to several intriguing factors that push them to come back with new projects looking forward to working with the same talents and the same trustworthy partners. These factors include the following:

  • Low turnover rate of IT employees, so a satisfied client might come back with a new project expecting to work with the same engineers again, and that he shall get.
  • The growing number of IT graduates from Palestinian universities every year, making way for more talents to join the huge talent pool in Palestine IT market in general, and IT outsourcing market in Palestine in particular.
  • Outsourcing in Palestine usually comes with affordable rates for both local and international clients.

There are many other factors as well, but statistics and data in this regard are (unfortunately) still scarce.

2- Transcend: Not Just Another Company For Outsourcing

While there are many players in the Palestinian IT outsourcing market, one stands out in particular with the quality and diversity of services it provides.

Transcend came into existence in 2012, founded by co-founders from Palestine, USA, and the UK. The company rapidly grew to create more job opportunities for Palestinian graduates, providing each employee with the proper training needed to become well qualified employees, who can not only take up outsourcing software development projects from local Palestinian clients, but are also able to serve the growing need for IT outsourcing from international clients as well.

Transcend outsourcing services are not restricted to software development as the rule goes in many Palestinian tech companies, it rather offers a broad bundle of services that include:

  • A call center with well-trained employees whose expertise range between sales and customer care and much more.
  • Highly trusted software development services, with experts whose knowledge spans across many programming languages and technical tools necessary for any project.
  • Many more services … Call us to find out.


If you want to start making use of outsourcing in Palestine, do not hesitate and call us today, be it for a free advice or to get a price quote, we will answer your call, and you will hang up the phone minutes later happy, satisfied and looking forward for our next call. Reach us out today.

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