How To Tell You Are Working With The Right Outsourcing Company_ 6+ Signs

No one can deny the benefits of outsourcing, but how far can you trust the new company you have just signed the outsourcing agreement with? How can you tell you have made the right choice choosing this company not the others?

Here are a few telltale signs that the company you are working with is a great one:

1- They Do Their Homework

During your initial search for the right outsourcing services company, you will come across many candidates who would need you to feed them every little piece of information, be it about your own company and business or simply the software you need and the critical technical choices that have to be made at some point.

A good outsourcing company would execute, however, a great outsourcing company will do a thorough research to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t, the staff will make suggestions, they will take the initiative to convince you with the right decisions and will have the courage and the technical knowledge to back up their opinions at times when they would need to stand up to you against making a bad decision. You will work together to guide each other, ending up with one big successful project.

2- They Don’t Wait, They Hub On A Call

While you both might agree to set up weekly or bi-weekly calls, the right company will not wait when urgency arises, the person in charge will ask for a call to handle what might delay a deadline, he wouldn’t wait for the delay to happen or the crisis to get worse, he wouldn’t allow it, he will take initiative when needed.

3- Open-Minded

If the company you have just started working with resented your first negative comment on the initial deliverables and in a very obvious way, then something is going wrong.

A great outsourcing company will have a staff well known for being open-minded to criticism, a staff that might actually ask for criticism sometimes to make things better.

Negative criticism is an opportunity, and those not willing to take it or address it in a professional way might just not be what you are looking for.

4- Committing To Deadlines

“Deadlines” is probably one of the most hated words out there in any profession! And if you want to discover what an employee is truly made of, try that magic word, some would fall, others would rise, same goes for the staff working in the company you have just started outsourcing some of your services or customer support to.

Falling behind more than one deadline is a sign you can not ignore, and if several deadlines were missed, run for the hills, or better yet, find yourself a new outsourcing company.

5- Talk To You In Advance

Your new outsourcing partner is just like any other company out there, some days might be better than others, some days might come with unavoidable hassles or surprises, but what truly would make an outsourcing company stand out is the fact that they hold their professionality bar up high, and they will talk to you in advance if:

  • There will be a delay, explaining the causes and the suggested solutions.
  • There will be a holiday or a day off for a critical staff member, and how they will make up for it.
  • There is a misunderstanding, whether it is on a personal or professional level, quickly removing the rock out of the way to keep going.

6- Details That Make A Difference

There are many other signs you will notice within every day’s encounters, such as:

  • Great communication skills.
  • Great quality provided in every step of the way.
  • Back up plans laid out from day 1.
  • Honesty and transparency, and never falling short when it comes to documentation and progress tracking.
  • Ability to say no when needed.
  • Keeping it all consistent with your brand guidelines all along.
  • Delivering more than expected sometimes.

Transcend is a company you will never regret working with, we are proud to be one of the few outsourcing companies in Palestine (if not the only one) to offer a diverse set of outsourcing services, from software development to remote call centers … to many many more. Contact us today.

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