Talent Pools_ This Is How They Can Benefit Your Business

Talent Pools are getting more and more popular according to recruitment trends and the many researches coming out every year. So, what are these? And how can you create your own talent pool and make use of it to the max? Answers to these questions and much more you can find below.


What Is A Talent Pool?


A talent pool is a huge database that includes resumes, ex-employees, referrals, and so much more. Smart companies usually build their talent pools gradually, adding to them talents that might not be urgently needed or fully qualified yet, but will be needed in the near future.


Talent pools are usually created by:

  • Keeping a good relation with ex-employees.
  • Reaching out to university students.
  • Keeping an eye on candidates from resumes you have previously received or candidates you have previously turned down.
  • Keeping an eye on freelancers you have previously worked with.
  • Not ignoring candidates who already have jobs, you might be surprised how many would be willing to switch jobs immediately for better work terms.


How Can A Talent Pool Positively Impact Your Business?

Talent pools can have a huge impact on your business, here are some great benefits of having talent pools:


1- Speeding Up The Hiring Processes

In the traditional hiring process, it takes 10 days minimum and 30 days maximum to hire a new employee, and when you are running out of time, this period can seem like forever, not to mention the fact that you would have to repeat the hiring process again if you couldn’t find what you are looking for, and yes it happens!


2- Reduction of Costs

Looking for your next top talent may require doing so much work that needs an allocated budget to be done right, a budget that can stretch and grow, especially when you are doing heavy advertising.

Talent pools ease accessibility to great candidates and for free, as these candidates are just a call or an email away.


3- Consuming Less Resources In The Hiring Process

If you want to do the hiring process right the traditional way, you would need things like: HR managers, time to go through hundreds of CVs, thorough interviews that need time and personnel …etc.

Talent Pools can literally save you so much in every area mentioned above, so why not give it a try!


4- Stay Prepared For Emergencies

There are times when a quick hire needs to take place urgently … LIKE NOW! And that is  when talent pools come in handy. A talent pool is the quickest shortcut to your next hire, so forget about job postings and long interviews for days, just give the few talents in mind a call, and that’s almost all it would take from you.


Talent Pool At Transcend

Since we have been in the market for years now, working with local and international clients, we created our own talent pool from early on, and with the years passing, our pool grew bigger and became much more diverse.


Not only do we care for our in-house employees, we also try to take care of every potential candidate in the talent pool as much as we can, by constantly keeping an active relation and providing training when needed. It is worth mentioning that most talents we hire from the talent pool become in-house employees, as the time taken to prepare each candidate makes them great in-house employees when the need arises.


Whether you want to join our talent pool as a candidate, or you want to explore the talents we have in our unique talent pool as an employer, reach us out today and we will assign your project to our best talents!

Recruitment Trends_ How To Find The Next Top Talent

Successfully recruiting an all-star team with top talents is every employer’s big dream. While you might know many tips that have proven beneficial in every hire you are making as an employer, you should never ignore the trends coming out every year in this regard.


Here are some of the recruitment trends popular in 2019, and those predicted to become popular in 2020:

Recruitment Trends In 2019

These are some recruitment trends that have been getting so much attention globally in 2019:

1- Flexible Jobs Attract Better Candidates

More than 50% of hiring experts from around the World want employers to start creating more flexible jobs for their employees. The more flexible the job, the more likely it gets to obtain top talent employees and retain those employees for life.

2-  No Mention Of The Salary Range In Most Job Postings

Statistics have been highlighting the fact that less and less employers are sharing the salary amount or a range in their public job postings, in fact, only less than 30% of employers globally do otherwise.

3- The Employer Reputation Matters

Research is showing that employers known for good reputation and great work environments and benefits, tend to attract better candidates without having to look so hard or for so long.

4- Hiring Through Referrals Is Proving Successful

If you are looking to hire great quality employees, make sure to take your own employees referrals (of potential candidates they know) into consideration, because recruiters in 2019 have noticed that 50% of their top employees were acquired through such referrals.

5- Soft Skills Are On The Rise

More and more employers are paying attention not only to the technical skills of the candidate, but also to the soft skills of each candidate, this kind of skills is actually contributing directly to deeming a job interview to be successful or not.


Recruitment Trends in 2020

While all the points from above are expected to stay valid and relevant for recruitment trends in 2020, here are other new trends to consider in the year 2020 according to experts:


1- AI Won’t Replace Active Recruiting

No matter how much algorithms and AI are becoming more developed and smart, recruiters still can not rely completely on those to hire the best talents.

Recruiters also have growing concerns regarding the use of AI in the recruitment process, as these softwares might be subject to biases and might exclude some really good candidates due to errors or bugs.

2- Job Seekers Will Be Looking For Experience, Not Jobs

In the World of digital media, stories and experiences are becoming more attractive than ever as everyone can become a storyteller easily, leaving most of us wanting to live for something we can later tell, and that also applies to the jobs great candidates will be seeking in 2019.

Traditional jobs pay the bills, but money is not the only return employees want anymore, human experiences and stories likely to be acquired through a job are one more reason for good candidates to apply.

3- Recruiting Through Social Media

Recruiters will give your social profiles a deep look before they get in touch with you as a potential candidate. They will also use social media to actively search for good candidates and reach out to them, even if these candidates never really applied to the posted job.

4- Talent Pools Are A Must Have

Recruiters won’t have to search hard for new candidates in 2020, they are more likely to adopt the talent pool formation strategy, reaching out to candidates way before the need arises.


Recruitment at Transcend


We at Transcend have recruited a big team and grew our company tremendously in the past 7 years. Adding to the above, these are some tips for great recruitment that we swear by:

  • Keeping a pool of talents on the side, with candidates ready to take new projects anytime.
  • Constantly training employees and updating their set of skills, working with each employee to transform him/her from ordinary to extraordinary. Don’t expect much from fresh grads, train them first and help them unleash their best talent, that is what we do at Transcend.
  • Empowering each employee in the decision making process, whether for new recruitment or some major company decisions, each voice counts, we are all one big family.
  • We never part ways with any candidate or previous employee on a bad note, we never burn bridges.

Looking For A New Excellent Employee_ 7 Tips To Find & Recruit Him!

Recruiting great talent for your business might be really challenging. You might come across impressive CVs that do not reflect the poor skills of their owners, and unimpressive CVs that do not reflect the topnotch skills of their owners! What should you do then?!

Here are a few tips from top recruitment agencies around the World to help you recruit the right staff:

1- Create Your Own Talent Pool

If you are looking for new talented employees to recruit, don’t just let these talents hear from you when you need them, start engaging with them early on even before a vacancy arises.

Create a pool of candidates you can reach out to whenever there is a vacancy, by doing the following:

  • Go to Universities, start engaging with students before they graduate, get to know them in advance and help in their professional training. By the time they graduate, they will be the talent ready to work for your company whenever you have a suitable vacancy.
  • Don’t discard the candidates who previously applied to other vacancies and failed, if that candidate could be a great fit for another vacancy that will be open soon, keep in touch with him.
  • Go to the places and events where you might meet the talents you are looking for, such as relevant conferences and meetups.
  • Use modern recruitment and headhunting tools and websites, such as LinkedIn.


2- Encourage Current Employees To Help You Recruit

Your current employees might be a great source for talent hunting, they might know previous co-workers who would fit the current vacancy perfectly, or they might have just accidentally met the talent you are looking for at a conference somewhere, make sure to listen to them and give their recommendations a try, you might be surprised.


3- Invest Time In Writing Job Descriptions

No matter how urgent the new vacancy has to be filled, never go for ready templates or quickly written poor job descriptions.

But what is a good job description? A good job description doesn’t contain any misleading information, be it regarding the salary or the actual job duties, it is specific and detailed and realistic. This way you will attract the right candidates who are unlikely to leave after getting hired, as they came in knowing exactly what the job would look like.


4- Take Care Of Your Reputation As An Employer

If good employees and great talents think or hear bad things about you as an employer or negative things about your company’s work environment, they will be discouraged to apply. Therefore, be warned, and listen to what others have to say about your company to constantly improve your reputation, and to become an employer many talents would be thrilled to work for.


5- Make Use Of Current Technologies

There are many websites and software tools that will help you big time when it comes to recruiting the best candidates out there, such as:

  • LinkedIn, a great talent hunting network.
  • Resume classifying software, these can be easily used to help you classify and select the best CVs out there out of the hundreds/thousands you have received.
  • Use your website for recruitment, direct candidates to upload their resumes there.

6- Take A Closer Look At Your Own Employees

Sometimes the talent you are looking for is already a talent you have hired, but maybe not in the right department. So, make sure you constantly run employees assessments and talk to department managers frequently, sometimes it only takes a relocation of an employee from a department to another! And there you have it, the talent you are looking for right under your nose.

7- Details You Should Not Overlook

Here are a few details that could give you hints on how good and professional a potential candidate is:

  • The references mentioned in the resume.
  • The candidate social profiles.
  • The voluntary work record.


We at transcend make sure that every recruit we make fully abides by the above and much more, we can also help you recruit the right talents accordingly, what are you waiting for? Give us a call.

Outsourcing In Palestine_ A Huge Talent Pool & A Growing Demand

The tech sector in Palestine has witnessed a huge and rapid change in the last 10-20 years, maybe the results are not completely satisfying yet, but the good news is that things are improving. The improvement and the change came naturally as the fruit of sincere efforts made by individual entrepreneurs, investors, and tech companies who opened the door for outsourcing in Palestine.

At the beginning, IT outsourcing found the way to the Palestinian market through small-medium sized companies, years forward, the existing companies grew bigger and new companies came to existence, all working combined towards addressing the growing demand on IT outsourcing in Palestine, paving the way to create hundreds of new opportunities to more than 2500 Palestinian IT graduates per year.

1- Why Outsourcing Software Development To Palestine?

Before getting to answer the “why”, there is a quick “Who”, who is outsourcing to Palestine? Well, the outsourced IT projects in Palestine assigned to Palestinian tech companies not only include local clients, but they also include international tech giants, such as: Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Intel.

Some of the clients come in once and leave, but – generally speaking- that is the exception to the case, as many clients tend to outsource in Palestine time and time again, due to several intriguing factors that push them to come back with new projects looking forward to working with the same talents and the same trustworthy partners. These factors include the following:

  • Low turnover rate of IT employees, so a satisfied client might come back with a new project expecting to work with the same engineers again, and that he shall get.
  • The growing number of IT graduates from Palestinian universities every year, making way for more talents to join the huge talent pool in Palestine IT market in general, and IT outsourcing market in Palestine in particular.
  • Outsourcing in Palestine usually comes with affordable rates for both local and international clients.

There are many other factors as well, but statistics and data in this regard are (unfortunately) still scarce.

2- Transcend: Not Just Another Company For Outsourcing

While there are many players in the Palestinian IT outsourcing market, one stands out in particular with the quality and diversity of services it provides.

Transcend came into existence in 2012, founded by co-founders from Palestine, USA, and the UK. The company rapidly grew to create more job opportunities for Palestinian graduates, providing each employee with the proper training needed to become well qualified employees, who can not only take up outsourcing software development projects from local Palestinian clients, but are also able to serve the growing need for IT outsourcing from international clients as well.

Transcend outsourcing services are not restricted to software development as the rule goes in many Palestinian tech companies, it rather offers a broad bundle of services that include:

  • A call center with well-trained employees whose expertise range between sales and customer care and much more.
  • Highly trusted software development services, with experts whose knowledge spans across many programming languages and technical tools necessary for any project.
  • Many more services … Call us to find out.


If you want to start making use of outsourcing in Palestine, do not hesitate and call us today, be it for a free advice or to get a price quote, we will answer your call, and you will hang up the phone minutes later happy, satisfied and looking forward for our next call. Reach us out today.