Hiring An Outsourcing Company_ The Right Way To Do It

The outsourcing decision has been made, so what should you do next? In order to do IT outsourcing right, you need to carefully follow a detailed process that consists of best practices, practices driven from experiences of thousands of companies who had done it before and made mistakes you can simply learn from and easily avoid.


According to many industry experts, here are the perfect steps to do outsourcing right:

1- Determine What You Need

Your business is constantly moving forward and your internal team is growing everyday, so you need to determine a few things first before you start your search, and these things are:


  • What you should be outsourcing Vs. what you should not be outsourcing.
  • Why are you outsourcing it? And what should happen if the cause ceases to exist.
  • What are your exact needs and requirements in details?
  • What are your expectations from the upcoming partnership?
  • What are the resources you are willing to put aside for the outsourcing partnership to succeed while not hindering your internal processes?


Once you have all of the above answered, you will be ready for step 2!


2- Research & Ask Around

Don’t you just settle on choosing the first IT outsourcing company that comes your way. Sometimes a big chunk of the timeline followed to achieve something is spent in the planning phase, so again, take your time researching and planning. You can build a list of initial candidates by doing the following:


  • Asking friends, employees, business partners, investors and acquaintances in your network to refer companies they know.
  • Going after your competitors and some companies whose products you admire, and searching for the outsourcing companies they might have hired to develop a specific product that you absolutely loved, if exist, add these names immediately to your list.
  • Post a few requests for offers here and there and wait for applicants.


3- Shortlist And Make Some Calls

You should have a good list of candidates by now, so what’s next? It is time for shortlisting the best, and start making some calls.


Eliminate the companies who fall short when it comes to providing what you need, especially those who have some bad customer reviews or bad follow up processes, or are simply too pricey for you.


4- Make Your Decision Based On The Right Criteria


Once you start reaching out to the outsourcing companies you have shortlisted, you need to start negotiating a few terms, to finally settle on those who fit best with the following criteria:

  • The budget limits.
  • The flexibility your project requires.
  • The talent pool and technical expertise your project needs.
  • The timezone and language best fit for your schedule and employees.
  • The Full package offering, some outsourcing companies offer really good free services when it comes to things like security and customer support and follow up.
  • Compatibility of cultures.
  • The deal breakers and the back up plans offered by the outsourcing company.


And most importantly, don’t settle for an outsourcing company residing in another continent just to save yourself a few dollars, base your choice on the right criteria now, and save yourself the trouble later.


5- Prepare The Paperwork


Now that you have determined the outsourcing company you are going with, it is time to prepare your legal documents.


Consult with your legal advisor, read every word in the contract, negotiate the terms and make it all clear when it comes to some critical points, such as: deal breakers, accountability, confidentiality, payment terms and taxes.


6- Communication, Process & Personnel

You have just signed the deal, and now it is time to start. This is what should be set straight for a smooth process of project development and delivery:


  • Set your communication frequency and methods right, from your side and their side, both the preset fixed meetings and the urgent flexible ones.
  • Assign the right personnel form your side, and get to know the personnel assigned to the project from their side, make sure to get to know each other as deep as the project requires.
  • Set up your emergency plans and appoint critical persons for critical times.
  • Follow up regularly, and make sure the deliverables are all delivered on time with quality.


7- Keep The Partnership Or Send Your Thanks And Wrap Up Right


Once the project is finished and delivered, determine if you want this partnership to continue for an on-going follow up for the current project, or for future new projects.


Or simply finalize things and send your gratitude and abide by the termination points agreed upon, and take your product home safe and sound.

Talent Pools_ This Is How They Can Benefit Your Business

Talent Pools are getting more and more popular according to recruitment trends and the many researches coming out every year. So, what are these? And how can you create your own talent pool and make use of it to the max? Answers to these questions and much more you can find below.


What Is A Talent Pool?


A talent pool is a huge database that includes resumes, ex-employees, referrals, and so much more. Smart companies usually build their talent pools gradually, adding to them talents that might not be urgently needed or fully qualified yet, but will be needed in the near future.


Talent pools are usually created by:

  • Keeping a good relation with ex-employees.
  • Reaching out to university students.
  • Keeping an eye on candidates from resumes you have previously received or candidates you have previously turned down.
  • Keeping an eye on freelancers you have previously worked with.
  • Not ignoring candidates who already have jobs, you might be surprised how many would be willing to switch jobs immediately for better work terms.


How Can A Talent Pool Positively Impact Your Business?

Talent pools can have a huge impact on your business, here are some great benefits of having talent pools:


1- Speeding Up The Hiring Processes

In the traditional hiring process, it takes 10 days minimum and 30 days maximum to hire a new employee, and when you are running out of time, this period can seem like forever, not to mention the fact that you would have to repeat the hiring process again if you couldn’t find what you are looking for, and yes it happens!


2- Reduction of Costs

Looking for your next top talent may require doing so much work that needs an allocated budget to be done right, a budget that can stretch and grow, especially when you are doing heavy advertising.

Talent pools ease accessibility to great candidates and for free, as these candidates are just a call or an email away.


3- Consuming Less Resources In The Hiring Process

If you want to do the hiring process right the traditional way, you would need things like: HR managers, time to go through hundreds of CVs, thorough interviews that need time and personnel …etc.

Talent Pools can literally save you so much in every area mentioned above, so why not give it a try!


4- Stay Prepared For Emergencies

There are times when a quick hire needs to take place urgently … LIKE NOW! And that is  when talent pools come in handy. A talent pool is the quickest shortcut to your next hire, so forget about job postings and long interviews for days, just give the few talents in mind a call, and that’s almost all it would take from you.


Talent Pool At Transcend

Since we have been in the market for years now, working with local and international clients, we created our own talent pool from early on, and with the years passing, our pool grew bigger and became much more diverse.


Not only do we care for our in-house employees, we also try to take care of every potential candidate in the talent pool as much as we can, by constantly keeping an active relation and providing training when needed. It is worth mentioning that most talents we hire from the talent pool become in-house employees, as the time taken to prepare each candidate makes them great in-house employees when the need arises.


Whether you want to join our talent pool as a candidate, or you want to explore the talents we have in our unique talent pool as an employer, reach us out today and we will assign your project to our best talents!

Recruitment Trends_ How To Find The Next Top Talent

Successfully recruiting an all-star team with top talents is every employer’s big dream. While you might know many tips that have proven beneficial in every hire you are making as an employer, you should never ignore the trends coming out every year in this regard.


Here are some of the recruitment trends popular in 2019, and those predicted to become popular in 2020:

Recruitment Trends In 2019

These are some recruitment trends that have been getting so much attention globally in 2019:

1- Flexible Jobs Attract Better Candidates

More than 50% of hiring experts from around the World want employers to start creating more flexible jobs for their employees. The more flexible the job, the more likely it gets to obtain top talent employees and retain those employees for life.

2-  No Mention Of The Salary Range In Most Job Postings

Statistics have been highlighting the fact that less and less employers are sharing the salary amount or a range in their public job postings, in fact, only less than 30% of employers globally do otherwise.

3- The Employer Reputation Matters

Research is showing that employers known for good reputation and great work environments and benefits, tend to attract better candidates without having to look so hard or for so long.

4- Hiring Through Referrals Is Proving Successful

If you are looking to hire great quality employees, make sure to take your own employees referrals (of potential candidates they know) into consideration, because recruiters in 2019 have noticed that 50% of their top employees were acquired through such referrals.

5- Soft Skills Are On The Rise

More and more employers are paying attention not only to the technical skills of the candidate, but also to the soft skills of each candidate, this kind of skills is actually contributing directly to deeming a job interview to be successful or not.


Recruitment Trends in 2020

While all the points from above are expected to stay valid and relevant for recruitment trends in 2020, here are other new trends to consider in the year 2020 according to experts:


1- AI Won’t Replace Active Recruiting

No matter how much algorithms and AI are becoming more developed and smart, recruiters still can not rely completely on those to hire the best talents.

Recruiters also have growing concerns regarding the use of AI in the recruitment process, as these softwares might be subject to biases and might exclude some really good candidates due to errors or bugs.

2- Job Seekers Will Be Looking For Experience, Not Jobs

In the World of digital media, stories and experiences are becoming more attractive than ever as everyone can become a storyteller easily, leaving most of us wanting to live for something we can later tell, and that also applies to the jobs great candidates will be seeking in 2019.

Traditional jobs pay the bills, but money is not the only return employees want anymore, human experiences and stories likely to be acquired through a job are one more reason for good candidates to apply.

3- Recruiting Through Social Media

Recruiters will give your social profiles a deep look before they get in touch with you as a potential candidate. They will also use social media to actively search for good candidates and reach out to them, even if these candidates never really applied to the posted job.

4- Talent Pools Are A Must Have

Recruiters won’t have to search hard for new candidates in 2020, they are more likely to adopt the talent pool formation strategy, reaching out to candidates way before the need arises.


Recruitment at Transcend


We at Transcend have recruited a big team and grew our company tremendously in the past 7 years. Adding to the above, these are some tips for great recruitment that we swear by:

  • Keeping a pool of talents on the side, with candidates ready to take new projects anytime.
  • Constantly training employees and updating their set of skills, working with each employee to transform him/her from ordinary to extraordinary. Don’t expect much from fresh grads, train them first and help them unleash their best talent, that is what we do at Transcend.
  • Empowering each employee in the decision making process, whether for new recruitment or some major company decisions, each voice counts, we are all one big family.
  • We never part ways with any candidate or previous employee on a bad note, we never burn bridges.

Problems Commonly Encountered While Outsourcing IT

Outsourcing IT development enables you to reallocate resources into crucial areas of the business, especially those directly related to your core business values.


Although one can not deny the many benefits IT outsourcing can have on your business, when you first start doing it, you should realize a few things in advance, as a matter of fact, you should expect a few problems that usually gets solved quickly if you are dealing with a very professional IT outsourcing company.


Here are a few expected problems and how to handle them each:

1- Misunderstanding … In So Many Ways!

Let’s assume you have just signed the deal and you are about to start, a few meetings in, and you suddenly think to yourself “this is not what I said”, or “how come I know this piece of info while they don’t?”, and this is only the beginning in a sequence of questions reflecting anger and frustration. So, why is this happening?

Misunderstanding is really common in the outsourcing business relations, and it has many types, many causes, and it comes in so many ways, such as:

First: The Decision Making

Sometimes the service being developed might need quick decisions with no delays, which might drive any of the parties involved to act on the spot before asking for permission. This might cause misunderstanding and problems, as the decision taken by one party can be a decision the other party wouldn’t want to go with.

Solution: Make sure to clear things out from day 1, name your decision making personnel and arrange for procedures to be taken in emergencies in advance.

Second: Clashes Due To Different Cultures

Your staff and that of the outsourcing company come from different work cultures, what seems common and usual to you in the work environment, might come across strange and unusual for them. Such as:

  • The way they respond to messages, they prefer email while you prefer phone calls.
  • They think first then act, while you want them to execute your orders without thinking.
  • They show up to work at 11:00 Am while you start your day at 7:00 Am and expect replies when you text them around that time.

Solution: Before signing the agreement or before you begin the actual work, make sure to get familiar with each other’s business culture, for you not to be surprised or misunderstood later on, and vice versa.

2- Lack Of Back-Up Plans

Unfortunately, there are many unprofessional outsourcing companies out there who would be too focused on the delivery and deadlines, rather than investing enough time in planning first.

You two need to plan things first before you begin, you need to draft scenarios and solutions to problems that might arise from the very beginning, this way you can plan for: back up plans, back up personnel, back up resources and how to handle an error or a decision gone wrong.

3- Contracts

Contracts should never be signed on the same day you receive them, make sure to read every word first, consult with your legal advisor, make sure the work flow you have in mind and the deliverables agreed upon are all mentioned loud and clear in the contract.

A poorly written contract might ruin it all for you, especially if it falls short when it comes to:

  • Accountability and payment for damage.
  • Procedures to be taken when jeopardizing quality and confidentiality.
  • Follow up processes and the expected kind of follow up.
  • Termination of agreement details and terms.
  • Ownership rights of the service/product being developed.

Most of the problems mentioned above can be handled and solved with no negative impact on the partnership, especially if your decision of choosing that specific outsourcing company was based on the right standards and criteria. Try reaching us out at Transcend, and don’t let the fear of encountering any of these problems hinder you from making the right decision for your business.


Our staff has a diverse set of experts who would love to help you overcome your fears and unleash the superpowers of your business. Get in touch today.


Positions You Should Outsource Vs. Positions You Should Not!

Almost every business owner at some point along the way will have to make decisions driven by scarce resources and budgets or simply a shift of focus and change of business models. One of the top priority decisions would be related to hiring, should we hire new employees? Should we let go of some in-house employees? Should we opt to outsourcing or keep it in-house?


In this blog post, we will help you decide and answer the questions above.


Positions You Are Advised To Outsource

Here are the positions that we strongly advise to outsource:

1- Content Writers

The web is crowded with great quality content writers in every language, and with high competition comes better rates, so if you want to tap on a great talent pool at minimum cost, outsource your content writing.

However, if your business is highly dependent on content creation, investing in an in-house content writer might be wiser.

2- SEO Experts

The World of SEO keeps changing rapidly, but the level of interference that should be made depends on the nature of your business and offering. If content (SEO & Content are best friends) is not something essential to your business, then just outsource SEO for quick regular consultancies.

3- Graphic & Web Design

Many businesses tend to opt for outsourcing when it comes to tasks that might be heavily needed and done once, then litely have to be repeated or edited on demand every once in a while, this strongly applies to web & graphic design tasks in many cases.

Remember that Slack outsourced its whole design to a Candaian company at the very beginning!

4- Other Positions & Tasks

Here are some other tasks and positions you should consider outsourcing:

  • Taxes & Accounting Tasks.
  • Legal advisors.
  • Call Centers.
  • Technical Support.
  • Social Media.

Positions That Can Be Outsourced … Or Not

No matter how clear things related to the above positions might be, there will always be the positions that you won’t be quite sure about.

So here are these positions, and how you can decide depending on your business needs and circumstances:

1- HR Positions

Hiring the right HR manager or a recruiting staff is a step no one can deny how important it will be to your business, but should you hire in-house? Or Outsourced?

There are advantages and disadvantages to each decision, whether you decide on the first or the later, here are a few points to help you decide:

  • Budget: Outsourcing HR can save you money in times of scarcity, because hiring in-house HR managers requires so much resources and time and training, all for a team that might be needed for tasks on monthly-yearly basis only!
  • Actual business development: Outsourcing HR can help you shift the focus to the actual development of your business.
  • Communication: Outsourcing can make communication with HR managers a bit more difficult, so hiring an in-house HR team might be better if you want better communication between your employees and the HR department, for less headache.
  • Confidentiality: In-house HR managers can be the best choice when it comes to keeping it hush-hush. if you want a higher level of security and confidentiality, In-house hiring is better.

2-  Programming & Content

The decision that have to be made here depends again on your core business and offering, so:

  • If content is one of your core business offerings, stick with in-house.
  • If web development is crucial or is even one of the services you offer to your clients, keep it in-house.

3- Other thoughts

Take a look at your core business offering, take notes of the tasks required to deliver the services your promise clients with, and try as much as you can to assign these to in-house employees. You don’t want to advertise for a service you are not developing in-house, it simply doesn’t make sense.


So what should it be? Call us at Transcend today and we will help you decide to outsource right, with a broad range of services, such as: Call centers, web development, digital marketing.

Outsourcing Tech_ Should You Hire A Freelancer Or An Outsourcing Company

Let us assume that the need to take this task or that to an external party has just arised, the question you are probably asking yourself right now is, what choice would serve my business best? In other words, should you just hire an individual freelancer to create the required software? Or should you contact a company specialized in outsourcing services?

The answer to the question above is a bit tricky, because depending on your business and the required task you as a business owner should weigh the benefits against the drawbacks per option! In this blog post we will help you make the right decision, so read further.

Hiring A Freelancer: The Good Vs. The Ugly

No one can deny how beneficial a good freelancer can be to your business, especially due to the fact that freelancing is known to be:

  • Cost effective: Hiring a freelancer means less expenses, as you are hiring a single individual rather than a whole set of talented individuals that an outsourcing company would provide.
  • Time Flexible: While the employees assigned to work on your project from the outsourcing company side might be only available during work hours, freelancers are way more flexible and have more control on their time throughout the 24 hours!
  • Requiring less of … : Working with freelancers means less legal documents, less formal agreements, less steps in the process of hiring.

However, there will always be the not so good side of doing business with freelancers, especially when it comes to these critical areas:

  • Unreliability: One of the major problems a business might encounter while working with freelancers (even the super talented ones) is the fact that there might always come a day when the freelancer is sick or has a personal emergency, and as far as any business owner is concerned that day is a lost business day, as there will probably be no backup plans or anybody available to do the job and deliver!
  • Unavailability: Talented freelancers have their plates full most of the time, which might make it difficult to find one in time to do the job, especially if the required task is time critical.
  • Unpredictability: One day the freelancer is here, the next day he might just disappear with no prior notice! And it happens a lot.
  • Jeopardizing quality & confidentiality: Freelancers are required to do the job, and no further, in other words, no follow up! They can also deliberately or accidentally jeopardize the confidentiality needed for some projects you are working on, so be careful.


Outsourcing Company: The Good Vs. The Ugly

More and more companies are heading towards partnering with outsourcing companies rather than freelancers, especially in projects that are either recurring or need so much time and resources to get them done.

Before mentioning the positive side of it, let us go through a few points that might discourage some businesses from outsourcing to companies:

  • More expensive: It is globally known that hiring a freelancer comes with less cost compared to partnering with outsourcing companies, but there are a few exceptions (Transcend? Try us).
  • More documents to Sign: Working with an outsourcing company might get you to sign a few more documents every once in a while.

However, the positive side here stretches beyond limits to benefit your company big time. Here is how outsourcing to companies are way better than outsourcing to freelancers:

  • Quality and follow up: Outsourcing companies usually produce better quality work, as the individuals working on the task will be multi-talented and have more eye to details compared to a single pair of eyes that a freelancer has to offer! And the proper follow up is usually part of the deal!
  • Always available: Outsourcing companies are always ready to get you the talent you need to finish the job, if they don’t, they will recruit more from their side. Either way, you will get what you need in time.
  • Broad range of services & talents: Outsourcing to companies means outsourcing to full teams, with individuals of different set of expertise, you can expect a full package of many services, from decision making and product management to the actual software development and quality assurance.
  • Perfect for big projects: As mentioned earlier, outsourcing companies are the right choice when it comes to big projects, bigger projects require bigger and more committed teams, and that is exactly what those companies will offer.
  • Committing to deadlines: Having a full team working for you means no days down, the sudden absence of an individual will be covered up by other team members, so, no delays!


Get in touch today and we will help you make the right decision.

Outsourcing In Palestine_ A Huge Talent Pool & A Growing Demand

The tech sector in Palestine has witnessed a huge and rapid change in the last 10-20 years, maybe the results are not completely satisfying yet, but the good news is that things are improving. The improvement and the change came naturally as the fruit of sincere efforts made by individual entrepreneurs, investors, and tech companies who opened the door for outsourcing in Palestine.

At the beginning, IT outsourcing found the way to the Palestinian market through small-medium sized companies, years forward, the existing companies grew bigger and new companies came to existence, all working combined towards addressing the growing demand on IT outsourcing in Palestine, paving the way to create hundreds of new opportunities to more than 2500 Palestinian IT graduates per year.

1- Why Outsourcing Software Development To Palestine?

Before getting to answer the “why”, there is a quick “Who”, who is outsourcing to Palestine? Well, the outsourced IT projects in Palestine assigned to Palestinian tech companies not only include local clients, but they also include international tech giants, such as: Cisco, Microsoft, HP, Intel.

Some of the clients come in once and leave, but – generally speaking- that is the exception to the case, as many clients tend to outsource in Palestine time and time again, due to several intriguing factors that push them to come back with new projects looking forward to working with the same talents and the same trustworthy partners. These factors include the following:

  • Low turnover rate of IT employees, so a satisfied client might come back with a new project expecting to work with the same engineers again, and that he shall get.
  • The growing number of IT graduates from Palestinian universities every year, making way for more talents to join the huge talent pool in Palestine IT market in general, and IT outsourcing market in Palestine in particular.
  • Outsourcing in Palestine usually comes with affordable rates for both local and international clients.

There are many other factors as well, but statistics and data in this regard are (unfortunately) still scarce.

2- Transcend: Not Just Another Company For Outsourcing

While there are many players in the Palestinian IT outsourcing market, one stands out in particular with the quality and diversity of services it provides.

Transcend came into existence in 2012, founded by co-founders from Palestine, USA, and the UK. The company rapidly grew to create more job opportunities for Palestinian graduates, providing each employee with the proper training needed to become well qualified employees, who can not only take up outsourcing software development projects from local Palestinian clients, but are also able to serve the growing need for IT outsourcing from international clients as well.

Transcend outsourcing services are not restricted to software development as the rule goes in many Palestinian tech companies, it rather offers a broad bundle of services that include:

  • A call center with well-trained employees whose expertise range between sales and customer care and much more.
  • Highly trusted software development services, with experts whose knowledge spans across many programming languages and technical tools necessary for any project.
  • Many more services … Call us to find out.


If you want to start making use of outsourcing in Palestine, do not hesitate and call us today, be it for a free advice or to get a price quote, we will answer your call, and you will hang up the phone minutes later happy, satisfied and looking forward for our next call. Reach us out today.

Tech Giants Who Made It Big With Outsourcing

Many companies around the Globe are opting to outsource software development fully or partially to external parties. With more numbers coming out to prove clearly and loudly how outsourcing can be the secret formula in great successes, more and more tech companies are joining the outsourcing crowd, and the percentage of demand on outsourcing services is getting higher with each year passing.

Let’s go through some of the big names for which outsourcing proved to be the perfect solution at times of crisis and humble beginnings:


1- Whatsapp

Years preceding its acquisition by Facebook in 2014, Whatsapp opted to IT outsourcing heavily, especially at the beginning when capital was scarce. Outsourcing seemed to be the best and most cost effective solution … several years forward … It actually was! Now, when you think of Whatsapp, you can’t help but notice how this tech company grew tremendously to become one of the most successful messaging apps of all times, and it all started with outsourcing!

Moral of the story? Outsourcing can help you out when budget is limited, but effort and talent are not.


2- Google

Yes, you heard us right! Google and outsourcing are best buddies, and have been for a while! At some point in time several years ago, Google made a choice to make use of outsourcing.

At the beginning, the tech giant outsourced customer care and email support to almost a 1000 adwords representatives in remote call centers all over the globe, and the story of Google and outsourcing doesn’t stop there, in the year 2014 Google also started outsourcing software development, partnering with a Latin software company, launching several successful projects ever since!

Moral of the story? Even Giants outsource, and starting small doesn’t necessarily mean lack of options, outsourcing would fit within your budget at any stage of your business development.


3- Slack

Whether you hate its morning notifications or you just adore it, Slack is another success story on outsourcing done right!

Open slack now, take a look at the logo, the design, the full website and how it works and flows smoothly. Okay, all of what you have just browsed is another company’s work, slack team outsourced the logo design and mobile and desktop app development to an external party, saving money and time and effort, and what a decision it was!


Moral of the story? Outsourcing can get you a great design and a great software that disrupts markets around the Globe, talk about innovation and creativity at its best.

4- Others?

There are many names that relied on outsourcing in critical stages of the business, and some still are relying on outsourcing, such as:

  • Alibaba
  • Skype
  • Github
  • AT&T
  • Basecamp

So the next time someone tells you that outsourcing is bad for your business, tell them to think again, it has been done before by giants, and well, things seem to be going pretty okay for them!

What about you? Are you interested in outsourcing? Transcend can provide you with the call center services your business needs, whether you just want proper customer care or you need to get your sales up in the sky! Not only can we get you the call center you need, but we can also build the software you are looking for to get your business alive and kicking, with a huge software development talent pool, you will be able to headhunt the talent you need to eventually get the software you desire in no time and at minimum cost.


Call us Today and you never know, you might join the list above, why not! Dream big, and we will spare no effort to help you succeed big.

How To Tell You Are Working With The Right Outsourcing Company_ 6+ Signs

No one can deny the benefits of outsourcing, but how far can you trust the new company you have just signed the outsourcing agreement with? How can you tell you have made the right choice choosing this company not the others?

Here are a few telltale signs that the company you are working with is a great one:

1- They Do Their Homework

During your initial search for the right outsourcing services company, you will come across many candidates who would need you to feed them every little piece of information, be it about your own company and business or simply the software you need and the critical technical choices that have to be made at some point.

A good outsourcing company would execute, however, a great outsourcing company will do a thorough research to help you figure out what works and what doesn’t, the staff will make suggestions, they will take the initiative to convince you with the right decisions and will have the courage and the technical knowledge to back up their opinions at times when they would need to stand up to you against making a bad decision. You will work together to guide each other, ending up with one big successful project.

2- They Don’t Wait, They Hub On A Call

While you both might agree to set up weekly or bi-weekly calls, the right company will not wait when urgency arises, the person in charge will ask for a call to handle what might delay a deadline, he wouldn’t wait for the delay to happen or the crisis to get worse, he wouldn’t allow it, he will take initiative when needed.

3- Open-Minded

If the company you have just started working with resented your first negative comment on the initial deliverables and in a very obvious way, then something is going wrong.

A great outsourcing company will have a staff well known for being open-minded to criticism, a staff that might actually ask for criticism sometimes to make things better.

Negative criticism is an opportunity, and those not willing to take it or address it in a professional way might just not be what you are looking for.

4- Committing To Deadlines

“Deadlines” is probably one of the most hated words out there in any profession! And if you want to discover what an employee is truly made of, try that magic word, some would fall, others would rise, same goes for the staff working in the company you have just started outsourcing some of your services or customer support to.

Falling behind more than one deadline is a sign you can not ignore, and if several deadlines were missed, run for the hills, or better yet, find yourself a new outsourcing company.

5- Talk To You In Advance

Your new outsourcing partner is just like any other company out there, some days might be better than others, some days might come with unavoidable hassles or surprises, but what truly would make an outsourcing company stand out is the fact that they hold their professionality bar up high, and they will talk to you in advance if:

  • There will be a delay, explaining the causes and the suggested solutions.
  • There will be a holiday or a day off for a critical staff member, and how they will make up for it.
  • There is a misunderstanding, whether it is on a personal or professional level, quickly removing the rock out of the way to keep going.

6- Details That Make A Difference

There are many other signs you will notice within every day’s encounters, such as:

  • Great communication skills.
  • Great quality provided in every step of the way.
  • Back up plans laid out from day 1.
  • Honesty and transparency, and never falling short when it comes to documentation and progress tracking.
  • Ability to say no when needed.
  • Keeping it all consistent with your brand guidelines all along.
  • Delivering more than expected sometimes.

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Top Mistakes To Avoid When Outsourcing IT

While outsourcing can solve so many problems and save you so much effort and time and cost (Well, as it should), sometimes and if done wrong it can backfire big time!


So What are the top mistakes that do prevent many companies from reaping the benefits of outsourcing? Here are a few:

1- Having No Tech Team On Your Side

No matter how much you understand your business, if it needs a software development, you should at least have 1 in-house employee on your team. Why?

As a business owner, you might know the features needed, the product and what it should look like and what it should deliver. But, at some point you need to know the following:

  • What are the best available technologies to adopt.
  • What is that programmer on the other side talking about, be it an expression or a tool or even a request.
  • Why this can be developed and that can not, from a technical point of view.

No one would doubt how smart you are, but a surgeon wouldn’t know much about marketing, and a business person probably wouldn’t know much about programming, and even if he does, he probably wouldn’t have enough time to do a proper follow up. So? Hire a tech guy/team first.


2- Micromanaging The Outsourced Work Heavily

Outsourcing is meant to save money, effort, and time! If it is not, then you are doing it wrong.

If you have to step in and make sure the work being produced is done right, and if you keep getting calls with questions and requests for delaying deadlines for example, then … red light … red light, we see it, do you?

Do not neglect doing a proper follow-up, but overdoing it means there is something wrong, and you should stop and think.


3- Outsourcing What You Should Never Outsource!

Consider outsourcing only when it comes to tasks that can be outsourced easily, without compromising your business. Never outsource work that you should keep confidential, and never outsource a matter related to your core business concept, get help, yes, but outsource it completely? No.

For example, you are a company working in the field of web security, and instead of offering your clients softwares you have built yourself, you offer them the work of some outsourcing company, does that make sense to you? Exactly, it doesn’t.


4- Choosing The Outsourcing Company Based On Wrong Criteria

When considering and evaluating different offers from different outsourcing companies, make sure to avoid having your judgment and choice be influenced only by:

  • The cost: Cheaper is not always better.
  • The language & nationality biases: Some would want a person who speaks their language, others would want someone from a different continent. Try removing this kind of biases out of the way.
  • Sweet Talk: Trust ONLY what that company profile and current/previous clients are saying, because “doing” is what you need, “Talking” is what you don’t need.

Make sure to choose based on things like: Experience and customer feedback, Quality, commitment and ability to meet deadlines, understanding of your culture and Timezone difference (if exists)… etc.


5- Lack Of Documentation And Communication

Make sure that you or someone reliable on your team will be there whenever a question or a request arise, schedules are great and deadlines are set in stone, but a smooth and fast communication is a must as well to instantly handle any disasters and avoid any delays or misunderstanding along the way.

Documenting it all in every step of the way will help you keep track of what is happening at any time of your workweek, and it will ensure smooth transition of work, whether to a new outsourcing company or to a new manager on your team.


6- Letting Them Do The Research For You

You are a hardworking guy who thinks everyone puts the same effort and passion that you put in your work, bad news here, nope, that is not how the World works.

Before initiating the talks with your new distant outsourcing company, you should know what you need and you should be on top when it comes to new software and outdated ones, what works and what doesn’t work any more.

Simply put, do your research yourself first, because they won’t do it for you, and even if they do, it won’t be extensive and broad as yours would be.


7- Other Important Things

You should also avoid making these tiny itchy small mistakes that might ruin it all for you:

  • Not putting enough effort in the selection process and skipping interviewing the team you might start working with.
  • Not having plan B, sometimes things don’t work out, pre-plan your exit strategy in advance.
  • Putting unrealistic deadlines, jeopardizing the quality and so much more.

Contact us at Transcend, and we will work closely with you to satisfy your business needs mistakes- free.